Karen Palevsky provides a full range of Career Counseling / Management Services for adults in various stages of career development and transition from recent college grads and early career professionals, to mid-career and senior level managers, executives, and professionals.  Based  in New York City, Karen serves a client base crossing a wide range of sectors and functions including:  financial services, accounting, IT, engineering, healthcare / medical, not-for-profit, the arts, social services, pharmaceutical, legal, creative, entertainment/media, teaching, academia, the sciences, hospitality, advertising, public relations, publishing, and management consulting.  Specific services include:

Career Development and Transition:

Whether you are identifying career options for the first time, making a shift in your existing career path and looking for a new job, thinking about moving in a totally new direction, or reentering the workforce, Karen will direct you through a thorough self-assessment using structured interviews, standardized career assessment tools (MBTI, Strong Interest Inventory, and Career Vectors System), and other qualitative exercises. The goal is to help you identify and gain a deeper understanding of your interests, values, skills/competencies, personality style and temperament, and priorities, and how they fit into the world of work and today’s job market. Karen will help you define career direction, what you are looking for in a job/career at this point in your life and guide you in formulating short and long term goals.

Resume / CV / Bio / Cover Letter Writing:

A focused, well-developed resume or other selected document representing your skills, accomplishments, and scope of experience is the key to an effective job search and differentiating yourself in this competitive job market. Whether you are looking for your first job or next step in your career, making a career change, re-entering the workforce, marketing yourself internally, consulting, or launching your own business, Karen will select and utilize the most appropriate format and style to showcase your background.  Sample formats include: chronological, functional, and hybrid resume; CV; Bio /Profile.

Job Search Planning and Implementation:

Finding a job is a full-time commitment, one that requires time, structure, and discipline.  Karen will help you develop and implement a proactive, self-marketing plan to provide structure, and direction for your search.  She will assist  you with creating a LinkedIn profile and other communication tools, understanding networking “do’s and don’ts” to make the most of your existing contacts, and guide you on how to expand your network and tap into “unpublished” job opportunities. Importantly, Karen will help you stay motivated and productive and ensure appropriate follow-up techniques.

Interview Coaching / Practice:

Effective interviewing skills can be learned. Research has shown that less than 25% of job seekers take the time to prepare for interviews. Karen will guide you on presenting yourself in a clear, confident, and professional manner for a variety of situations including networking and informational meetings, and formal job interviews. She will guide you in developing answers to “commonly asked” and “difficult” questions as well as follow-up strategies, and evaluating and negotiating job offers. (See Tools and Resources for sample questions)